Why we fall for fads

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What happens when the TV says something is good for you, and the Internet says it isn’t? What happens when two studies find conflicting results? Seventy-five percent of people mostly agree or strongly agree there are too many conflicting reports about nutrition. We all want to know how to eat well, yet there is one looming question: Where can we trust nutrition advice?

As a graduate student in nutritional sciences, it’s my job to figure this out. I’m constantly reading both science articles and news articles and determining if I agree with the conclusions. However, I still fall prey to…

And maybe make a little money, too.

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Writing is a place where I can find my voice, explore ideas, and follow my passions. But, I don’t always have the kind of inspiration to write world-changing things. In fact, I’ve been in a pretty big writing slump for the past six months.

But I haven’t been slacking on the writing. I write consistently about one of my hobbies.

Besides Medium, I’ve been writing for a niche website, EDHREC.com, about a tabletop card game, Magic: the Gathering. I emailed them out of the blue about a year ago and wrote a biweekly column ever since.

I went to get a sperm test and everyone was weird about it

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My wife and I have been trying to conceive for several months, and are starting to look into fertility testing.

On the to-do list is have my sperm checked out.

I messaged my doctor and requested to have the male fertility test ordered.

The next day I get a phone call from the doctor’s office to schedule my test time.

The woman on the phone asks me what time I’d like to come in and gives me a few options. …

Everything you need to know to get started

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I recently struck up a Twitter conversation with one of my favorite YouTube personalities. I casually said that I’d be happy to help in any way I could with their channel, and mentioned my writing skills.

They said they’d be interested in having me write a script for them.

I was blown away. Here was one of my favorite people to watch every week, and they wanted me to write a script for them!

Then it hit me — I don’t know how to write a YouTube script.

I wanted to be as professional as possible, so I did some…

The 3 reasons why it’s not helpful.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing articles like: “How I made [X] dollars in my first [day/week/month] on Medium”.

I read lots of articles on how to get better on Medium. And in too many of them, the writer got lucky.

The real truth is, for the most of us it takes a lot of work.

Curation doesn’t happen until we find our niche–something we’re good at writing about that people want to hear.

Acceptance into a publication can take many rejections.

“Going viral” is something we can’t control at all. It simply happens from rolling…

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Welcome to Science2People!

We’re focused on making science research easily digestible for readers.

We take articles about everything in the world of science, technology, engineering, medicine, health, nutrition, and more!

Are you a scientist who wants their research to be better understood? Are you a science enthusiast who wants to share their passion with others? This is the place for you!

Our goal is rigorous scientific writing that is easy to read. This is a big ask, therefore, we will never turn away a piece simply because of writing style or format. …

3 ways to use the following you already have

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When we write, we expose ourselves. We become vulnerable.

It’s easy to post anonymously on the internet. However, getting people to read your writing that way is very difficult.

There is so much content available, in order for ours to be seen we need to promote ourselves.

Use your personal account

You’re probably on some form of social media, use it! You already have a following of people who want to read what you have to say.

This can be hard when we feel emotionally naked in our writing. For example, I wrote this story about the crimes I committed when I was younger.

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My name is Jevin. It used to be Jevon.

This is a story of how I changed my name.

My parents were having a hard time deciding on baby names. My grandma saw an interesting name inscribed in Bobby McFerrin’s book, Don’t Worry, Be Happy (based on the popular song). It was dedicated to his son, Jevon McFerrin, whose name is pronounced Jeh-von (Jevon McFerrin, by the way, is a total badass actor/comedian and an awesome namesake).

However, when my grandma proposed the name she pronounced it like “Kevin with a J” (Jeh-vin).

This is made even more interesting because…

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It’s going on how many months of quarantine? I can’t keep track of time anymore.

Gotta run to the store. Okay, I need my wallet, keys, phone, mask, and hand sanitizer.

I know where my mask and hand sanitizer are, cool.

Where was the last place I saw my keys? I went to the store two weeks ago and left them where… in the ignition?

I’ll check my pants pockets. I wore my Adidas lounge pants last week, maybe they’re in there. Not there, okay, what pants did I wear the week before that, my Spongebob pants? No, those don’t…

I look perfectly healthy, but anyone can have an underlying condition

The initial image that indicated something was in my lung. Photo by author.

I’m 31 years old, and I’m at risk for COVID-19.

A few years ago, I discovered I have an unusual lung disease. Actually, it’s pretty common in most of the U.S. It’s unusual because many people have it and don’t know about it.

I look perfectly healthy. Anyone around you might have an underlying condition. Please wear a mask.

I happened to find out I have this disease because I work in a body imaging lab. On a routine scan of myself, I noticed a strange bright spot. I was concerned, so I went to the doctor, where they gave…

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Science writer. Life writer. Nerdy writer @ EDHREC.com

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